TYPE: Five dragon (Lama?) seating mat

CIRCA: 1900 / early 1900’s

Five dragon seating mat, possible meant for a Lama to meditate on, that was made in Ningxia, China, in the early 1900’s. Possibly once part of a two piece set that would also have had a ‘throne back’ (see example https://warpandweft.club/portfolio-item/ningxia-item-4/) to go with it. Cotton warp and weft, lovely mellow colours made with natural dyes, maybe some aniline(?), and undyed (brown) wool which can be seen in the close-up photo on the right-hand end on the second row down. Originally sourced circa 1970 in Kathmandu, Nepal, having then only recently come out of Tibet and in the one collectors hands ever ever since. It is in excellent condition with no dye runs, fading, reweaves or repairs.

SIZE: 84cm x 74cm

WARP:  Cotton

WEFT: Cotton

KNOT COUNT: 30kpsi