All books for sale are our own books that we either have second copies of, or that are now surplus to our needs. And they all come from a smoke free environment! Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of the books below, or those on our Reference Material page on the drop down menu under ABOUT, ETC above right. 

All books are in English unless otherwise noted.

Dragon and Horse by Koos de Jong (published 2013). The definitive book on saddle carpets from the various carpet weaving areas of China and Tibet; it contains many many saddle carpet photos, along with detailed descriptions by a foremost expert in the field. Two books in total that come fitted inside a hard slipcase (one book hardcover in English with the photos, 192 pages / 295 images; the other hardcover in Chinese without the photos save for a few historical images, 46 pages). All in excellent condition, save for some very minor shelf wear on the case and covers. Simply a ‘must have’ reference work for any collector or enthusiast. PRICE 90 Euros, plus postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

Sacred & Secular: The Piccus Collection Of Tibetan Rugs by Robert Piccus (published 2011). 294 pages, hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition. The Piccus Collection of Tibetan rugs was formed during the exciting window of opportunity that existed during the 1980’s and 1990’s to collect in this previously little-known area. The collection demonstrates the genuine aesthetic sense and cultural achievements of the unknown Tibetan weavers who produced these masterpieces. The book tells the story of the rugs’ collection, the individuals involved and the evolution of scholarship in this field. Beautifully illustrated, the book is divided into design categories, including Tigers and Leopards, Dragons, Tantric, Geometrics, Medallions, Warp Face Backs, and Nomadic, among others. It also includes technical information and a visual glossary that will be useful for collectors and designers alike and deserves to be recognized as an essential addition to any collectors libraries. PRICE 75 Euros, with postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

Of Wool And Loom: The Tradition Of Tibetan Rugs by Trinley Chodrak and Kesang Tashi (published 2001). 160 pages, hardcover in dustjacket (or the soft cover version, as we have both) in excellent condition. It is the first overview of Tibetan carpet weaving traditions written in English by native Tibetans who are authorities on the subject. The book traces the growth of Tibetan carpet and textile weaving from its earliest origins through to the present day, and the accompanying text is lavishly illustrated with 150 colour photos covering the full spectrum of antique Tibetan carpets. The glossary, bibliography and index make it an invaluable resource for both seasoned collectors and ‘beginners’ new to Tibetan carpets.  PRICE: 75 Euros plus postage (which is generally 22 Euros to most European countries, and the United Kingdom).

Oriental Rugs, Volume 5; TURKOMAN by Uwe Jourdan (published 1999). 320 pages, hardcover in dust jacket in excellent condition. Considered an authoritative work on Turkoman rugs, this book presents and discusses a range of collectors’ pieces and ordinary rugs, not just the inaccessible museum pieces or classical examples. It is suitable for both the specialist collector and the novice just starting his journey into the Turkoman field, providing both a record of Turkoman weaving and a lesson in connoisseur-ship. PRICE: 95 Euros plus postage (which is generally 22 Euros to most European countries, and the United Kingdom).

Heavens Embroidered Cloths by Gerad Tsang, G Hanyu, W Yarong, et al (Published 1995). 364 pages, 165 colour plates, stiff soft cover with dust jacket in very good condition with some shelf ware and some slight bumps to the DJ edges. Text in English & Chinese. Limited edition of only 2000 copies. Illustrated with hundreds of striking colour photographic reproductions (including many fold-out plates), the 300 objects featured in this catalogue range from the Song to the Qing dynasties and include more than 20 pieces of kesi and embroidery from the Liaoning Museum in Shenyang, China; Ming rank badges, Imperial Robes and Ming Yongle Period thankas. PRICE 70 Euros, with postage extra (which is generally 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

Imperial Wardrobe by Gary Dickinson and Lind Wigglesworth (1990). In 1759, the Qianlong Emperor of China commissioned a catalog of comprehensive, illustrated regulations for ceremonial garments and accessories worn by the members of the imperial household. Not since the Huangchao Liqi Tushi was written has there been a more authoritarian and stunning look at the colors, designs, and insignias of China’s last imperial dynasty. With detailed descriptions and exquisite illustrations, this invaluable reference preserves the fashionable side of China’s dynastic history for generations to come. With beautiful colour illustrations culled from public and private collections and a helpful glossary of Chinese terms, Imperial Wardrobe is an ideal reference book for collectors, scholars, and Chinese history enthusiasts alike. 203 pages, hard cover with dust jacket on what appears to be an unread copy in excellent condition. PRICE 25 Euros, with postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

Mongol Jewelry by Martha Boyer (Published 1995). Hardback with dust jacket, 272 pages with 150 photographs that illustrate individual pieces. This book resulted from a series of expeditions the Danish National Museum organised to Mongolia in the 1930s and examines an assortment of indigenous artefacts and objects that the explorers and scientists brought back. It explores the artistic refinement of the jewellery – particular the intricate and beautiful head dresses and hair ornaments for women – which is examined in detail from cultural, regional and historical perspectives. Near fine condition save for some very slight shelf wear to the dust jacket. PRICE 75 Euros, with postage extra (which is generally 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

War & Ritual. Treasures from the Warring States 475 – 221 BC by Grace Wong; Lesley Yeow; Goh Ngee Hui; Yeo Seng Teck (1993). The bronze age of China lasted almost 2000 years reaching its zenith in technique and artistry during the period known as the Warring States (425 -221 BC). Many of the spectacular pieces in this book come from the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, a vassal state of Chu, which was unearthed in 1977. Profusely illustrated by photographers: Hao ianquin, Fan Shenyan, Li Fan, an Bingyaun & Yim Chee Peng it contains 143 pages, most of them with colour photographs. Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition, save for some shelf wear to the dust jacket. PRICE 35 Euros, plus postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

Decorative Art In Indonesian Textiles by L Langewis & F Wagner (Published 1964). Decorated-cloth covered hardback, 175 pages overall including 67 pages of written text covering textile decoration techniques, 14 colour photos and 216 b/w photos all with descriptions. Good condition with some some slight shelf wear to the cover edges and slight yellowing to the page edges, and has the previous owners name on inside front page. Otherwise a clean copy of an important study focusing on the traditions and ornamentation of various textiles from across the breadth of Indonesia. Altogether quite a useful book for identify old textiles from Indonesia. PRICE 40 Euros, with postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

Nias Tribal Treasures by the Volkenkundig (Ethnological) Museum, Delft, Holland (Published 1990). Hardback with dust jacket with text primarily in English and some Dutch summaries. 327 pages, 50 colour plates, 61 illustrations in b/w and 266 b/w photographs. In very good condition save for some minor shelf wear to the dust jacket, and a small vertical tear (5cm / 2in, that has been ‘repaired’) along the folded lower edge of the back dust jacket flap. Otherwise the interior is in excellent condition. It is a detailed reference work on the material culture and traditions of the inhabitants of Nias (an island off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia) with various experts in the field contributing to the diverse chapters on artefacts, jewellery, statues, etc. PRICE 70 Euros, with postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

TibetNilufar Tappeti Antichi Mlano (Nilufar Antique Carpets Milan) (1996?). 48 pages, soft cover with many colour plates of beautiful antique Tibetan rugs. Text in Italian. As new condition. PRICE 20 Euros, with postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK)

Chinese Rugs A Buyers Guide by Lee Allane (1993). This comprehensive guide provides advice on exactly how these rugs are made, and how techniques, materials and tools affect their character and quality, whether from the highly commercialised workshops of Peking and Kathmandu, or from the nomads of Tibet. It shows how to assess quality and suitability, explains the sophisticated symbolism and subtle colour schemes used, and provides a source of reference to weaving groups both inside and outside China. Clearly laid out with several maps, many drawings and full-page colour photographs of carpets – both old and new – to help identify the main types, this is a useful introduction into the world of Chinese rugs. 144 pages, hard cover with dust jacket in excellent condition. PRICE 10 Euros, plus postage extra

Carpet Collector Magazine, Issue 4/2018 (Final Edition). The final edition of the now discontinued / out of print carpet magazine entitled Carpet Collector. This issue presents some of the best articles that the magazine hosted overs its many years. it comes with both English German text and colour photos. Soft cover printed in Germany, 114 pages, in as new condition still sealed in its plastic wrap. PRICE 20 Euros, plus postage extra

Sarawak Cultural Legacy by L Chin and V Mashman (Published 1991). 262 pages, Hardcover in very good condition overall, although the dust jacket shows slight shelf ware and has a small (1cm – 1/2in) semicircular ‘chip’ out of top corner of the back cover. Chapters on carvings, statues, textiles, pottery, metalwork, basketwork, musical instruments and architecture by renowned experts in their field. 100’s of photos, primarily in colour. PRICE 70 Euros, with postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).

Borneo and Beyond. Tribal Arts of Indonesia, East Malaysia and Madagascar by Michael Heppell & Robyn Maxwell (published 1990). Hardcover with dustjacket in very good condition. 128 Pages, 140 colour photographs, many full page or near full page. Contains exquisite tribal art pieces from Borneo, the South Moluccas, Sulawesi, Sumba, Flores, Nias, Timor, Papua and Madagascar. Dust jacket shows some minor shelf wear including a couple of indents and minor scuffing to the edges, otherwise the book is in excellent condition throughout. PRICE 70 Euros, with postage extra (which is 22 Euros to most European countries and the UK).