All books for sale are our own books that we have second copies of.

Dragon and Horse by Koos de Jong (2013). The definitive book on saddle carpets from the various carpet weaving areas of China and Tibet; it contains many many saddle carpet photos, along with detailed descriptions by a foremost expert in the field. Two books in total that come fitted inside a hard slipcase (one book hardcover in English with the photos, 192 pages / 295 images; the other hardcover in Chinese without the photos save for a few historical images, 46 pages). All in excellent condition, save for some very minor shelf wear on the case and covers. Simply a ‘must have’ reference work for any collector or enthusiast.

90 Euros, with postage extra.

The Tiger Rugs of Tibet by Mimi Lipton (1988). Considered the definitive work on Tibetan tiger rugs when published, it is still the only book devoted solely to them. This copy is a hardcover book with dust jacket in excellent condition and contains 192 pages with 108 full page colour plates (one rug per page) and many illustrations; with ample text by several authors describing same. Long out of print it is still a must have for the aficionado of these specific type of rugs.


Temple, Household, Horseback: Rugs of the Tibetan Plateau by Diana K Myers (1984). Highly regarded when published, it was one of the early works on Tibetan rugs, it contains many photos of a diverse collection of Tibetan rugs that were exhibited at The Textile Museum in Washington D.C. in 1983. This is a soft cover book in very good condition and contains 112 pages with copious photos  and descriptions of each rug. There is ample text and has additional contributions by Arthur Leeper and Valrae Reynolds.  Long out of print it is still sort after book by the aficionado of Tibetan rugs. In very good condition with only very slight shelf wear to cover.


TibetNilufar Tappeti Antichi Mlano (Nilufar Antique Carpets Milan) (1996?). 48 pages, many colour plates of beautiful old Tibetan rugs. Text in Italian. As new condition.

20 Euros, with postage extra

The Woven Mystery; Old Tibetan Rugs by John and Serina Page (2nd edition 1994: orig. pub.1990). The soft cover edition of dealer’s exhibition catalogue so to speak, which contains photos of a wide variety of Tibetan rugs, reproduced in good color. This copy is in very good condition and consists of 155 pages, with 72 colour illustrations with short technical descriptions of each rug. Also includes introductions by Hallvard Kare Kuloy and Ian Bennett, both noted authourities on the subject.


Mattor fran Kina, Sinkiang och Tibet (Rugs from China, Sinkiang and Tibet) by Lennart Larsson Jnr. (1985).  A book illustrating many beautiful color images of rare carpets from China, Sinkiang [Xinjiang – far western China] and Tibet. This copy is hardcover in very good condition with dust jacket and contains 141 pages with 1 color map, black and white archival photos, black and white line drawings, and many (mostly) color plates of the carpets. It also includes a list of Chinese dynasties and a helpful glossary. Although the text is in Swedish it is worth having for the colour photos of the rugs alone.


Kinesiska Mattor (Chinese Rugs) by Jan Wirgin. East Asian Museum exhibition catalog 1986. 40 text pages plus 32 full-page prints. Hardcover in excellent condition. Text in Swedish but many photos of rare antique Chinese carpets.


Chinese Rugs A Buyers Guide by Lee Allane (1993). This comprehensive guide provides advice on exactly how these rugs are made, and how techniques, materials and tools affect their character and quality, whether from the highly commercialised workshops of Peking and Kathmandu, or from the nomads of Tibet. It shows how to assess quality and suitability, explains the sophisticated symbolism and subtle colour schemes used, and provides a source of reference to weaving groups both inside and outside China. Clearly laid out with several maps, many drawings and full-page colour photographs of carpets – both old and new – to help identify the main types, this is a useful introduction into the world of Chinese rugs. 144 pages, hard cover with dust jacket in excellent condition.

10 Euros, plus postage extra

Carpet Collector Magazine, Issue 4/2018 (Final Edition). The final edition of the now discontinued / out of print magazine entitled Carpet Collector. Printed in Germany it comes with both German and English text and this issue presents some of the best articles that the magazine hosted overs its many years. 114 pages, soft cover in as new condition still sealed in its plastic wrap.

20 Euros, plus postage extra

Imperial Wardrobe by Gary Dickinson and Lind Wigglesworth (1990). In 1759, the Qianlong Emperor of China commissioned a catalog of comprehensive, illustrated regulations for ceremonial garments and accessories worn by the members of the imperial household. Not since the Huangchao Liqi Tushi was written has there been a more authoritarian and stunning look at the colors, designs, and insignias of China’s last imperial dynasty. With detailed descriptions and exquisite illustrations, this invaluable reference preserves the fashionable side of China’s dynastic history for generations to come. With beautiful colour illustrations culled from public and private collections and a helpful glossary of Chinese terms, Imperial Wardrobe is an ideal reference book for collectors, scholars, and Chinese history enthusiasts alike. 203 pages, hard cover with dust jacket on what appears to be an unread copy in excellent condition.

25 Euros, plus postage extra

War & Ritual. Treasures from the Warring States 475 – 221 BC by Grace Wong; Lesley Yeow; Goh Ngee Hui; Yeo Seng Teck (1993). The bronze age of China lasted almost 2000 years reaching its zenith in technique and artistry during the period known as the Warring States (425 -221 BC). Many of the spectacular pieces in this book come from the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, a vassal state of Chu, which was unearthed in 1977. Profusely illustrated by photographers: Hao ianquin, Fan Shenyan, Li Fan, an Bingyaun & Yim Chee Peng it contains 143 pages, most of them with colour photographs. Hardcover with dust jacket in excellent condition, save for some shelf wear to the dust jacket.

35 Euros, plus postage extra

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