Almost all books are still currently in our library.

However, as of 2022, we are in the process of downsizing our library of books surplus to or current needs,

so if you see a book that you might like to buy then please inquire as it just might be for sale.


The Tibetan Carpet by Philip Denwood (1974)

Temple, Household, Horseback by Diana Myers (1984)

The Tiger Rugs Of Tibet by Mimi Lipton (1988)

The Woven Mystery by John & Serina Page (1990)

Woven Jewels by Pacific Asia Museum (1992)

Tibetan Rugs by Halvard Kuloy (1995)

Tibet Tappeti 1850-1950 by Enzo & Reberto Danon (1995)

Of Wool And Loom by Trinley Chodrak & Kesang Tashi (2000)

Dream Weaver by Thomas Cole (2004)

Tantric Carpets From the Himalayas by Rossi & Rossi (2008)

Auspicious Carpets. Tibetan Rugs And Textiles, edited by Daniel Miller (2009)

Patterns Of Life by Thomas Cole (2011)

Sacred And Secular by Robert Piccus (2011)

Secrets Of Tibetan Weaving by Karma Trinley Darchen (2012)

Wangden Style by Sam Coad [with Thomas Wild] (2014)

From The Land Of The Snow Lion by Michael Buddeberg (2017)

Discovery of Tibetan Carpets by Claudio Mariani and Diana Myers (2017)

Drumze – Metamorphoses of the Tibetan Carpet by Franz Erhard and Thomas Wild (2022)


Carpets From Eastern Turkestan by Hans Bidder (1964. Rptd. 1979)

A View Of Chinese Rugs by H. A. Lorentz (1972)

Antique Chinese Carpets by David Te-Chun Wang

Antique Mongolian Saddle Rugs by David Te-Chun Wang

Collection Of Antique Chinese Dowry Rugs by David Te-Chun Wang

Antique Chinese Carpets – Masterpieces From The Te-Chun Wang Collection (1978)

Chinese & Exotic Rugs by Murray Eiland (1979)

Chinese Carpets by Charles Rostov & Jia Guanyan (1983)

Carpets From China, Xinjiang & Tibet by Lennart Larsson (1985)

Kinesiska Mattor by Jan Wirgin (1986)

Tibeter – Teppiche by Harrer, Mauch & Ford (1987)

Alte Teppiche Aus Tibet by Christian Bausback (1989)

Fra Temple Til Hesterygg by Hallvard Kuloy (1989)

Chinese Rugs, A Buyers Guide by lee Allane (1993)

Classical Chinese Carpets I by Michael Franses & Rupert Waterhouse (2000)

Antique Carpets Of China by Lu Hongqi (2003)

Glanz Der Himmelssohne by Hans Konig & Michael Franses (2005)

Tiger And Bamboo by Enzo & Roberto Danon (2008)

Dragon And Horse by Koos de Jong (2013)

Early Carpets And Tapestries On The Eastern Silk Road by Gloria Gonick (2015)


The Land of the Lamas by William Woodville Rockhill (1891)

Magic and Mystery In Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel (1929)

Across Asia from West to East 1906-1908 by C G Mannerheim (1940, English Ed. 2008)

Secret Tibet by Fosco Maraini (1951; Revised & Augmented Edition 1998)

Bayonets to Lhasa (i.e. the 1904 British invasion of Tibet) by Peter Fleming (1961)

Mustang: A Lost Tibetan Kingdom by Michel Peissel (1967)

Into Tibet: The Early British Explorers by George Woodcock (1971)

Foreign Devils on the Silk Road by Peter Hopkirk (1980)

Trespassers On The Roof of The World by Peter Hopkirk (1982)

The Tibetan Empire in Central Asia by Christopher Beckwith (1987)

On Secret Service East of Constantinople by Peter Hopkirk (1994)

Tibet Caught In Time by John Clarke (1997)

Wooden Wonders Tibetan Furniture in Secular and Religious Life by David Kamansky (2004)

Tibetan Furniture by Chris Buckley (2005)

China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Eurasia by Peter Perdue (2005)

Warriors Of The Himalayas Rediscovering the Arms and Armour of Tibet by Donald J LaRocca (2006)

Masks Of Fabled Lands by Thomas Murray (2009)

Masks Of The Himalayas by Dominique Blanc (2009)

Across Many Mountains by Yangzom Braun (2011)

A Historical Atlas of Tibet by Karl E Ryavec (2015)

Masks of The Himalayas And Tibet by Massimo Candellero (2016)

Tibetan Dress In Amdo & Kham by Gina Corrigan (2017)

Mapping the Great Game by Riaz Dean (2019)

Himalaya. A Human History by Ed Douglas (2020)


Central Asian Carpets by Ulrich Schurmann (1969)

Belouch Prayer Rugs an Adrasksand Gallery exhibition (1982)

The Carpets Of Afghanistan by R D Parsons (1983)

Rugs And Carpets From Central Asia by Elena Tzareva (1984)

Oriental Rugs Vol.5 Turkoman by Uwe Jordan (1989)

Oriental Rugs From Pacific Collections by Murray Eiland (1990)

Vanishing Jewels (exhibition catalogue) by Marvin & Frederica Amstey (1991)

Afghan Carpets With War Motives by Walter Bohning (Ger./Eng. 1993)

Treasured Baluch Pieces by Frank Diehr (1996)

Ikat Silks Of Central Asia by Kate Fritz Gibbon &Andrew Hale (1997)

When Silk Was Gold by James Watt & Anne Wardwell  (1997)

Knotted Memories (War In Afghan Rug Art) by Frembgen, Passow & Wild (Ger./Eng. 2015)

Turkoman by James Cohen (2011)

Turkmen Carpets (The Hoffmeister Collection) by Elena Tsareva (2011)

Turkmen Carpets (The Kingston Collection) by Elena Tsareva (2016)

Tribal Rugs by Brian MacDonald (1997, Rvsd. Ed. 2017)

Tappeti Delle Guerre Afghane by A Bodine & L Brancati (Italian, 2021)


Traditional Bhutanese Textiles by Barbara Adams (1984)

Thunder Dragon Textiles From Bhutan by Mark Bartholomew (1985)

From The Land Of The Thunder Dragon edited by Diana K Myers & Susan S Bean (1994)

Art of Nepal by Pratapaditya Pal (1985)

Treasure Of Nepal by Gary Wornell (2016)

Crafts of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh edited by Jaya Jaitly (1990)


Decorative Art In Indonesian textiles by Laurens Langewis & Frits Wagner (1964)

Splendid Symbols by Mattielbelle Gittinger ((1979)

Sarawak Cultural Legacy by Lucas Chin & Valerie Mashman (1991)

War And Ritual by Empress Place Museum (1993)

Treasures Of Tibetan Art by Barbara Lipton & Nima Ragnubs (1996)

Nias Tribal Treasure by Volkenkundig Museum Nusatanra (1990)

Borneo And Beyond by Michael Heppell & Robyn Maxwell (1990)

Early Himalayan Art by Amy Heller (2008)

108 Buddhist Statues In Tibet by Ulrich Von Schroeder (2008)

Tantra; Enlightenment To Revolution by Imma Ramos (2020)


The Art Of Bolivian Highland Weaving by Marjorie Cason & Adele Cahlander (1976)

Bolivian Highland Weaving (The Textile Museum, Toronto) by Kitty Higgins & David Kenny (1978)

Aymara Weavings by Laurie Adelson &  Arthur Tracht (1983)

Andean Aesthetics: Textiles of Peru and Bolivia by Belinda Femenias (1987)

Bolivian Textiles by Tamara Wasserman & Jonathan Hill (1981)

Traditional Textiles Of The Andes edited by Lynn Meisch (1997)

Master Weavers Of The Altiplano by Robert Duff  (2015)


Taiderryijyja Modern Finnish Rugs by Anja Louhio ((1970)

And Introduction To The World of Rugs by Hugh Moss Ltd (1973)

Oriental Carpet Design by P R J Ford (1981 & 1989)

Oriental Rug Repair by Peter Stone (1981 & 2010)

Oriental Rugs Of The Haji Babas by the Asia Society & Harry Abrams (1982)

Flatweaves From Fjord And Forest by Peter Willborg (1984)

Living With Kilims by Hull, Barnard, Merrell (1988)

Imperial Wardrobe by Gary Dickinson & Linda Wrigglesworth ((1990)

Mandarin Squares by Vallery Garret (1990)

Woven Structures by Marla Mallett (1998 & 2000)

Persian Kilims by Alastair Hull & Nicholas Barnard (1999)

Kilim Rugs by Susan Gomersall (1999)

Ladders To The Clouds by Beverley Jackson & David Hugus (1999)

The Imperial Wardrobe (Linda Wrigglesworth Collection) by Christie’s Auctioneers (2008)

Ryijy Elää by Tuomas Sopanen & Leena Willberg (2008)