TYPE: A ningxia ‘throne back’ carpet

CIRCA: 1900

A seating back for the ‘throne’ of a Buddhist lama or very high official, made in the Ningxia region of China. These were originally made as a set, that is one carpet (as here) for behind the person’s back, and another, usually square carpet with the same / similar design, for him to sit on. At the base of this carpet there is symbolism for clouds, mountain and waves, while the border displays various auspicious symbols, e.g. the ‘untying knot’ etc. The central main five clawed (imperial) dragon has a downward looking gaze, while the two lower dragons seem to stare at each other as they struggle for the precious jewel between them. A mix of aniline and natural dyes and in very good condition with thick pile. There is a old stain on the back that does not show throw into the pile at front.

SIZE: 0.65m x 0.63m (not inc. fringe)

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: 42 kpsi