Welcome to the home of The Warp and The Weft! This web site is, of course, primarily to aid in the sale of carpets and other artefacts. And many although not all by any meansof the carpets and artefacts displayed for sale are seen here ‘publicly’ for the first time, as they come from private collections that were established in the 1970’s, and early 80’s. However, hopefully, it also serves to disseminate information with regards reference material and various other carpet related topics. Of particular import then, for those that have trouble discerning what is a genuine Tibetan woven carpet, is this page; https://warpandweft.club/knotting-comparisons/

[By the way, except for all the photo’s displaying the knot count of carpets – which throughout this site is a one square inch image – we work in the metric system, so for those that don’t, and want to convert measurements, then 1 inch = 2.54 centimetres, and there are 100 centimetres in a metre – and hence there are 15.5 square inches in one square decimetre (i.e. one tenth of one square metre) for those that want their knot count in the European ‘square decimetre’ fashion.]

Hopefully you, dear visitors, will enjoy what is displayed throughout the site as much as we do. Tashi Delek!