TYPE: A wangden over-saddle carpet, or ‘masho’ — SOLD

CIRCA: 1850

Beautiful richly saturated warp-faced-back large over-saddle carpet or ‘masho’, presumably from the Wangden valley region of Tibet, with two archaic mandala-like medallions in the center field. Made with very fine and particularly lustrous highland wool using all natural dyes for the colours; the green main field is particularly attractive while the reds and blues of the main field designs, and of the main yungdrung (running swastika) designed border, are all super-saturated. Although it shows ample pile wear through the center of the carpet where the rider sat – as is to be expected with an over-saddle carpet of it’s era – all in all it is in very good condition for its age, as other than the pile wear, and the dirt stains on the back-side from use, there are no holes, repairs or reweaves / repiling whatsoever to this carpet. All wool construction, all natural dyes and having been made circa the mid 1800’s it would appeal to a collector of pieces with genuine age. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 1.16m x 0.64m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool