TYPE: Three medallion carpet from the wangden valley

CIRCA: 1900 – 1910

A three medallion warp-faced-back ‘Wangden’ carpet (or ‘drumze’) that shows the classic circular medallion synonymous with Wangden Valley manufacture, along with four small red renditions of both the yungdrung (swastika) and sauwastika (reversed swastika) motifs around the center medallion in the main green field. The main inner border is of pearls, while the main outer border appears to be of an interlocking ‘running dog’ design. It has thick woolen pile and a mix of Yak hair and wool base, with the yak hair predominate. All natural dyes, with a beautiful green and a saturated red. A fine example of the Wangden Valley genre.

SIZE: 1.74m x 0.87m

WARP: yak hair

WEFT: yak hair / wool


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