TYPE: Tibetan four-paneled burgundy coloured tsuktruk

CIRCA: 1900

Beautifully abrashed lustrous burgundy coloured four-panel Tibetan tsuktruk with soft deep pile. These soft very pliable rugs, more akin to a thick ‘blanket’ (and used as such by Tibetans) have a much more flexible ‘handle’ than a bed or floor rug and were first hand woven as individual strips – four in this case – then hand stitched together to make the one piece as seen here. (The individual strips were at times woven by different weavers in a small group, before being finally stitched together as the finished piece by a single weaver.) Woven with hand-spun wool warp and weft, and pile (that has been coloured using natural organic dye, with the colour suggesting monastic use) circa 1900. In excellent condition with no damage or repairs.

SIZE: 156cm x 66cm

WARP: hand spun wool

WEFT: hand spun wool


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