TYPE: A six paneled Tibetan tsuktruk (blanket)

CIRCA: 1950 (possibly before?)

A large thick tsuktruk blanket made from six panels sewn together. The top is anchored by a wide ‘border’, while the yungdrung (lucky swastikas) seem to float with a wave-like motion across the body of the tsuktruk, while the non-aligned (horizontally) lower stripes add an abstract element to the design. The pile is glossy hand-spun wool as is the warp and weft, and was probably made sometime in the mid 1900’s. The colours are from aniline dyes, the green being quite attractive. There are some stains on the lower half of the blanket, predominately in the three left hand panels, probably from having been incorrectly washed some time in the past. Otherwise it is in very good condition with no repairs and would look good displayed on a wall or as a bed cover (with the addition there of adding warmth on any cold nights).

SIZE: 1.70m x 1.45m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool