TYPE: Tibetan Takheb (Horse or Yak cover) with a very elaborate design  SOLD

CIRCA: 1920’s

A truly sensational Tibetan takheb intended for use as a horse or yak cover / blanket, with an elaborate, visually stunning, multi-coloured flower-head design arranged in a lattice-like pattern throughout the main field. Across the top is a wide horizontal band with flower-heads also enclosed in a lattice-like framework, but on a rich red background, while below that is a simple one-dimensional ‘T’ meander strip. Then three thin guard strips of different colours (orange, dark blue, light blue) effectively separate the top from the main field. And in that main field alone there are over three hundred variously coloured flower heads laid out in perfect proportion! (The amount of different-coloured thread-changes needed to achieve that intricate design – whilst in the process of weaving – and the time it would have taken, is simply mind boggling.) The pile, which is full and even throughout, is made of very fine hand-spun wool and the colouring has been achieved through the use of exceptionally good dyes. The warp is cotton, while the weft is also of fine hand-spun wool. Made in the early part of the 1900’s (probably circa 1920 or so) it is trapezoidal in shape – as are most takhebs – and is 138cm across the bottom, 111cm across the top, and 107cm high.

One only has to look at the very precise nature of the intricate main field design, the complex way the various colours of the flower heads have been juxtaposed, and the way the design and colouring have been combined with the intentional shifts of shading across the main field to realise that, to be able to execute such a spectacularly impressive visual impact, this is the work of a master dyer / weaver at the very top of his / her / their game.

This takheb was obviously a treasured possession of the original (Tibetan) owner, and very well looked after. In all likelihood it was only used on ceremonial occasions, hence its excellent condition with full pile and no reweaves or repairs. Overall it is an artistic masterpiece of exceptional quality (on many levels, i.e. design layout, colouring, weaving technique, etc) in near pristine condition, which makes it a very collectible and unique carpet! ALREADY SOLD

SIZE: 138cm x 111cm x 107cm

138cm @ bottom, 111cm @ top, 107cm high

WARP: Cotton

WEFT: Wool

KNOT COUNT: approx. 42kpsi