TYPE: A Tibetan horse or yak cover / blanket

CIRCA: early / first half 1900’s

A trapezoidal Tibetan blanket used to cover either a horse or yak, presumably of nomadic origin. The front consists of five strips of a fairly thick sturdy weave sewn horizontally together, while the back is felt. The outer border design is of a diamond shaped ‘gau box’ like repeating pattern, while the main field features four animistic figures. All the designs, both border and figures, is of dark brown animal hair, save for one figure which is light brown hair. A point of some debate has arisen around the very small group of blankets of this type with similar figures, that is there is a suggestion that the figures may have been added to the blanket at a later date to ‘enhance’ an otherwise plain center field, although this appears to be as much speculation as proven fact. [A similar example can be seen published on page 270, plate 186, in the book Sacred and Secular by Robert Piccus.]

SIZE: 0.92m x 1.02m top x 1.44m bottom

WARP: wool with animal hair

WEFT: wool with some animal hair


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