TYPE: A  Tibetan tie-dyed cloth horse or yak cover / blanket

CIRCA:  1920 / early 1900’s

A finely woven trapezoid shaped Tibetan ‘takheb’ blanket made of tie-dyed woolen nambu cloth for use over a horse or yak. The front is made of four strips of very finely woven hand-spun woolen nambu cloth horizontally sewn together. The naturally dyed maroon woolen top strip has the tie-dyed ‘pulu’ design, while the design on the bottom three strips is a series of red and dark blue crosses known as the ‘tigma’ design. The backing material is of several vertical strips of a heavier plain woolen nambu cloth, also hand woven, and ‘sandwiched’ between these front and back cloth layers is what appears (i.e. feels) to be felt type padding, adding to its warmth when used ‘in the field’. There are no damages or repairs, it is in original condition with just the stains as seen in the photos (which could probably be washed out). it is an attractive solid example of this nambu style of takheb and in overall quite good condition with the vertical non-directly-aligned layout of the crosses giving the piece its own unique ‘sinuous’ appeal.

SIZE: 1.03m x 1.16m top x 1.50m bottom

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool