TYPE: A tibetan horse or yak cover / blanket  SOLD

CIRCA: 1920’s

A striking trapezoidal shaped Tibetan carpet known as a takheb, which was meant for use as a horse or yak cover / blanket. The lower portion exhibits a multi-coloured design, with multiple window-like squares enclosed within red squares which are themselves enclosed in an abrashed blue trellis. The various coloured ‘windows’ are then orientated in an angular direction, with a horizontal strip featuring the ‘running T’ design separating the lower windowed portion from the subtly abrashed upper orange panel. (A similar designed carpet – but with smaller ‘windows’ – can be seen published on page 51, Woven Jewels; Tibetan Rugs from Southern California Collections.) It has full pile, with cotton warp and wool weft, and the rich lustrous dyes used appear to be predominately all natural. A beautiful piece with a very strong presence in excellent condition. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 0.93m vertical x 1.30m @ bottom x 0.98m @ top

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: Approx. 50 kpsi