TYPE: A tibetan horse or yak cover / blanket — SOLD

CIRCA: 1920


A magnificent Tibetan takheb carpet intended for use as a horse or yak cover / blanket, with a stunning, visually attractive, elaborate lattice-like design in the main field. The top horizontal panel is inter-spaced with various coloured flowers, while inside the lattice-like design in the main field are ‘gau box’ amulet-like designs placed one inside the other. The pile, which is full and even throughout, is of extremely fine wool with primarily natural dyes (although several aniline colours appear present) with the main red field showing an exquisitely fine, subtle abrash. All colours are very ‘fast’, with no migration of dyes. Very unusual, although taking nothing away from this piece – almost adding to its appeal as a matter of fact – is the red ‘nambu’ cloth strip separating the two halves (as these type of carpets are usually one piece), which appears to have some (as yet) undeciphered Tibetan script (a name?) sewn into almost the top right of this center cloth strip. Another very narrow strip of this same red nambu cloth also completely encircles / stabilises the very edges of the carpet. Although it is an unusual shape for its type, it is a purpose-woven horse / yak blanket / carpet, not a ‘fragment’ (of a larger carpet) that has been subsequently remade into a horse / yak blanket. This can clearly be seen / envisaged by the (intentionally woven) half flowers at either end of the top horizontal panel, and also the (intentionally woven) half ‘gau-box’-like designs across the bottom of the carpet just back from the very edge (as can be respectively seen close-up in two of the above images). This has obviously been a very well looked after treasured possession and probably only used on ceremonial occasions, hence the excellent condition with full pile. All in all a truly unique collectible piece. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 1.14m vertical x 1.40m @ bottom / 1.14m @ top

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 54 kpsi