TYPE: matching Tibetan horse trappings

CIRCA: early 1900’s

Matched pair of decorative Tibetan horse trappings – with the pile backed by heavy canvas-like material – which would have attached to the rear of a saddle and then run back either side of the horse’s rump where they were then fastened under the tail (as are the elaborate metal ones in the example above) by the long canvas-like ‘cloth’ and hide straps. At the very top are two flaming or precious jewels, under which seems to be a half-moon with another precious jewel ‘inside’ the half-moon arc. The central design consist of a pair of swastikas (actually, one swastika and one sauwastika, i.e. a reverse facing swastika) above a central floral motif with pale green tendrils on its stalk which emanates from a vase, Made with natural dyes circa the early 1900’s, the size of the pile sections are about 23cm x 7.5cm (approximately 9in x 3in) and the warp and weft is hand spun wool. It is not so easy today to find a genuinely old matched set like this still in quite good, though well used condition. Simply a must-have ‘accessory’ for anyone collecting Tibetan horse tack.

SIZE: 23cm x 7.5cm (pile sections)

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: unknown (backing not removed)