TYPE: Finnish two-piece woolen ‘ryijy’ — sold

CIRCA: 1850 (or before)

A Finnish long pile woolen ryijy (or ‘rug’ in English) woven circa 1850 or before in the traditional old rural style of two individual pieces of a ‘mirrored’ design joined / sewn together down the center (length-ways) to make the one finished piece. (Ryijy’s were historically used primarily as a wall hanging, or alternately as a bed cover; or even at times as a floor rug. Given the evenness of pile in this piece it is unlikely it spent much if any time on a floor.) It was made in what was once far eastern Finland, i.e. Finnish Karelia (but, unfortunately, that area of Finland was ceded to Russia in the Moscow Peace Treaty after the Finnish / Soviet Winter War of 1939–40). Although this ryijy is completely hand woven, the central field design has an almost ‘tie-dyed’ like effect. Altogether a stunning mid 19th century (or earlier) beautiful highly collectible piece – as pieces of this age are becoming increasingly hard to find – with all natural dyes and in excellent condition for its age. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 1.73m x 1.27m

WARP: Wool

WEFT: Wool