TYPE: A ‘stylised’ tiger striped carpet  SOLD

CIRCA: early 1900’s

A ‘stylised’ tiger striped Tibetan carpet that may have been used as a dais / bench cover or for seating, or may have been a custom order for some other specific purpose (i.e. for a younger person to sleep on), as it is somewhat smaller than a ‘normal’ khaden size. Made with all natural dyes, the central reddish-brown field is filled with stylised tiger stripes in an almost iridescent beautiful abrashed blue – that is partly achieved by mixing some white wool threads with the blue wool – which seems to make the stripes almost shimmer above the carpet. The inner border of pearls is flanked either side by borders of white (un-dyed) wool, while the outer red border mimics the red cloth covered felt borders seen on many Tibetan carpets. Wool warp and weft, and a big ‘loose-structured’ knot with a lowish knot count point to a relatively early date of origin. A unique and very attractive piece. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE:1.12m x 0.55m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: Approx. 26 kpsi