TYPE: Matched pair of fringed Tibetan carpets

CIRCA: 1920’s – 1930

A matched pair of fringed Tibetan carpets with a somewhat uncommon central design. That is, the main motifs throughout the center field appear to be, depending on your perspective, either stylised double dorjes or stylised flowers, and are enclosed in an interlocking ‘lattice’ or ‘trellis-like’ design, the likes of which is not commonly seen. Rare also is the fact that finding matched pairs of Tibetan carpets has become increasingly difficult. The outer border features a three-dimensional ‘Greek T’ design, while the larger of the secondary borders features the tigma (cross) pattern much beloved by Tibetans. The dyes are primarily natural and while the colours are strong / saturated they are not ‘garish’, and there are no colour ‘runs’ or ‘bleeds’. The naturally dyed fringed borders are complete and intact, and beautifully abrashed, one more so than the other – as is one of the carpets – and are about 8cm/3in +/- in length. Both carpets have cotton warp and wool weft and were made circa the 1920’s / 1930 and both are in excellent condition.

SIZE: Abrashed = 147cm x 90cm

          Other = 152cm x 93cm

WARP: Cotton

WEFT: Wool

KNOT COUNT:  Abrashed = 30kpsi approx.

                          Other = 32kpsi approx.