TYPE: Tibetan runner (long carpet) with scattered flowers

CIRCA: 1800’s (prob. 3rd qtr.)

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Uncommon 19th century / 1800’s Tibetan runner with a minimalist center-field design, of the type often associated with Tibetan runners made for export to Nepal to be used in Newari wedding ceremonies. The reddish light brown center field is sparsely populated with single flower blossoms of various colours, and the four simple corner frets are coloured in a clever juxtaposition of green and blue dye. It has an outer dark indigo blue main guard strip, while the primary border is the simple T meander – also in dark indigo blue – over a maroon coloured background. This is then itself enclosed either side by thin guard strips of a lovely aquamarine blue, also from indigo. It is woven with hand spun wool pile, warp and weft and knotted with the very big ‘loose knots’ commensurate with 19th century carpet weaving’s from Tibet. Made with all natural dyes, the size is 255cm x 67cm and is believed to have been woven sometime in the second half of the 1800’s, probably 3rd quarter. It is in reasonably good condition for its age, that is it has low pile throughout, and one well done very old repair (photo showing same to add). The ends and edges are original, the ends having been turned under and secured. Of a type seldom seen on the market these days, this is a unique opportunity for a serious collector to acquire a rare and original, unquestionably antique, Tibetan carpet.

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SIZE: 255cm x 67cm

WARP: wool (hand-spun)

WEFT: wool (hand-spun)

KNOT COUNT:  14KPSI  approx.