TYPE: A ‘Tibetan’ seating carpet (made in Kathmandu, Nepal)

CIRCA: 1980 – 1985

This natural dyed, subtly coloured, seating carpet was made by Tibetans in a workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal and features a central pair of overlayed yungdrung (swastikas) and an unusual border design of linked swastikas inter-spaced with what looks like a ‘sunburst’ which are a soft pink colour. A close look also shows other designs in a soft pink, i.e. an inner border of pearls and small frogfoot-like designs in the center field. A nice solid piece with handspun wool pile, wool warp and weft and natural dyes. In excellent condition,

SIZE: 0.93m x 0.72m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 56kpsi