TYPE: Dragon encircled Chinese incense burner

CIRCA: first half 1900’s


A Chinese two piece polished metal incense burner with an impressive sinuous dragon coiled around the ‘Ming cloud’ covered orb, and a signature stamp on the bottom that states “Made during the Xuande reign (1399 – 1435) of the Great Ming (dynasty)”. However, this is certainly not from that era!

It is actually a copy of an incense burner from that era – and a very good copy at that – and was probably made at the very end of, or more likely sometime after the end of, the last Chinese Imperial Dynasty, i.e. the Qing / Ching Dynasty (1644 -1911). That is, it could have been made at anytime during the first half of the 1900’s, even as late as circa 1950. Be that as it may, it is striking piece with a wonderful ‘soft’ tactile feel and a lovely burnished golden patina that almost ‘glows’. And anyone who appreciates beauty as much as  – or in some cases more than – age can surely appreciate those attributes. It is in excellent well kept condition having been professionally cleaned and polished since last used as an incense burner.

SIZE: 18cm high x 7cm diameter

MATERIAL: Bronze with pewter bottom