TYPE: A Tibetan Gyatsen (hanging silk brocade religious ornamentation)

CIRCA: 1900 / early 1900’s


A Tibetan Gyatsen, i.e. ‘tubular’, silk brocade, religious ornamentation’s that are often hung from the ceiling on either side of a Tibetan altar, or on either side of a seated high lama. The main lower part is made of old silk brocade shaped into individual ‘tongues’ set into horizontal panels, while the upper blue portion is dark-indigo dyed plain silk overlayed with scattered small silk cloth squares that have been individually sewn on. The inside  / back of the silk ‘tongues’ is lined with cotton cloth. The red colour of the lower panel’s ‘tongues’ has migrated predominately downward into the lower panel, which is as it was when collected in the early 1970’s in Nepal (and has been in that one collectors hands ever since). Made in various lengths / sizes, this short one is 77cm long (plus 10cm ‘fringes’) x 22cm diameter at the top. An interesting old piece from the early 1900’s with good provenance and of a kind not often seen on the market today.

SIZE: 77cm long x 22cm Diameter at top

           Laid flat = 34cm wide

MATERIAL: Silk brocade and silk cloth