TYPE: Ningxia meditation ‘runner’ consisting of 14 squares / seats

CIRCA: 1870 – 1880

A beautiful ‘runner’ (i.e. a long narrow carpet) consisting of 14 squares, or individual seats, that was made in the Ningxia region of China for use in a Buddhist monastery for monks to sit and meditate on. It is rare to find one still so long and in such good condition, as they are often cut into smaller segments / single squares so as to sell for more money (or so the thought / unfortunate practice goes).  Beautiful rich saturated natural dyes are used for a minimum of colours throughout, i.e a pinkish-red, blues and gold / yellow. The outer border of each square has an interlocking swastika design with eight flowers woven into it at various points around the square. The main inner field has a small flower with blue trellis work in all four corners and features a floral roundel at the center. Overall in very good condition for its age. A collectors piece.

SIZE: 8.20m x 0.60m

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: Approx. 33 kpsi