TYPE: five roundel unshortened Ningxia runner

CIRCA: 1800’s / 19th C, probably 3rd Qtr.

This beautiful five emblem Lion-Dog / Foo-Dog runner (i.e. long carpet) is, unlike most of this particular design type on the market today, fully intact; that is this carpet is the original woven length and has not been shortened and the ends replied (as can be seen by the photos showing the ends above*). The five roundels each contain two Lion Dogs / Foo Dogs, one larger than the other and each a different colour (one blue, the other apricot with a yellow mane). The apricot coloured main field also contains assorted types of flowers, while the richly symbolic burnished yellow main border contains various esoteric symbols interspersed with a trellis-like vine design. It was made in the Ningxia region of China in the second half of the 19th century / 1800’s (probably 3rd quarter), the size is 332cm x 69cm, it has cotton warp and weft, and is backed with blue cotton cloth. It has been in the one collectors possession since the early 1970’s and this is the very first time for sale on the open market since being bought ex-Tibet over 50 years ago. The colours are good and there are no reweaves, repairs or stains (that is a shading shadow on the upper left corner area in the photo at top of this page, not discolouration). A collectors piece in excellent condition!

* High resolution photos of the ends proving beyond any doubt that they have not been shortened available to the serious buyer.

SIZE: 332cm x 69cm

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: 38kpsi +/-

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