TYPE: A front-facing dragon monastery wall hanging

CIRCA: 3rd quarter 1900’s

A mid 1900’s commission – made in either Ningxia or the Baotou-Suiyuan region – of a much earlier Ningxia carpet that would have been originally made to be ‘wall-hung’ in a Buddhist monastery in Inner Mongolia (as can be discerned from the Mongolian script at the top of the carpet). Unusual in the respect that it has the dragon front-facing, as the dragon in this type of carpet is usually portrayed ‘side-on’ or ‘side-facing’ (for a much older example see https://warpandweft.club/portfolio-item/ningxia-item-8/ ). This points to it being made / used specifically as a wall hanging, possibly on either side of a lama’s ‘throne’, as opposed to encircling a pillar, or upright, in the large mediation halls in monasteries; as the side-facing dragon carpet were specifically made for. Although made with all aniline dyes the colours are rich and lustrous – as is the wool – and it is in excellent condition; it is a carpet that could be wall hung as intended, or used on the floor should one so desire. A piece assured to gain attention in your home or office!

SIZE: 2.41m x 0.95m

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: 49kpsi

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