TYPE: a double dorje design seating square

CIRCA: 1700’s

A stunning double (or ‘crossed’) vajra / dorje (visvavajra) Ningxia meditation seating square with a forceful symbolic presence, and a visual energy woven into the design that makes it appear to be emanating outwards in a burst-like fashion. [In Buddhism a vajra (which is a Sanskrit word, or ‘dorje’ in Tibetan) is a sacred ceremonial or ritual ‘weapon’, mainly employed in the Vedic ritual for dispelling evil forces in Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. It is a powerful Buddhist protective symbol of the unbreakable force of the enlightened state that cannot be destroyed but itself destroys all evil. A single dorje is shaped like a type of double-ended club with ribbed spherical ends – as seen in the illustration above – whereas here the central motif shows two dorje’s crossed or ‘doubled’.] All natural dyes and good condition for its age, as it possibly was once part of a longer runner, so wear commensurate with long term use. True artistry has been shown here by the weaver and the use of wool for weft is rare in a Ningxia carpet and suggesting of an early provenance. A very pleasing, aesthetically balanced visual representation of this design. A collectors piece.

SIZE: 0.82m x 0.72m

WARP: Cotton

WEFT: Wool

KNOT COUNT: 26 kpsi