TYPE: ‘Dolpo blanket’ from north-west nepal

CIRCA: mid 1900’s / 1950’s

A five paneled blanket from the far north-western Dolpo region of Nepal, a (once) very remote region behind the Himalayas which borders on Tibet. Collected from there in the mid 60’s when the region was not only undeveloped for tourism, but strictly off-limits / forbidden for foreigners to visit unless given special Nepal government permission, which was only granted for scientific or ethnographic studies. If one looks closely one will see a multitude of colours have been used, some in various shades, all from natural dyes, of which the red has migrated in some spots. There is a small area of ‘unraveling’ at one end on one of the orange stripes as shown in a close-up photo above, and a few very very small wear spots, otherwise it is in very good condition. This is the first time on the market since being collected, having been in the one collectors hands since then.


SIZE: 2.05m x 1.12m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool