TYPE: A Tibetan Mahakala mask

CIRCA: 1900 (or earlier)

This beautifully hand carved wooden mask from Tibet probably depicts Mahakala, a ‘Guardian of the Dharma’ in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. His common function is as a protector of Tibetan Buddhism and is depicted as an enraged deity who wards off negative influences. Natural vegetative or mineral colours, which have mellowed beautifully with the passing of time, were used for the painting of this particular mask. It has a lustrous patina and a dynamic presence. It has been in a private collection since being acquired by a collector in Kathmandu in the mid 1970’s. [For a very similar published example see image bottom right, page 147 in the book Masks of the Himalayas and Tibet by Massimo Candellero.]



WIDTH: 0.31M

DEPTH: 0.16M

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