TYPE: A Tibetan ‘above-saddle’ carpet with tiger pelt design

CIRCA: 1900 / early 1900’s

A Tibetan Masho or ‘above-saddle’ carpet portraying – in this instance – a benign, almost ‘pussy-cat’ like tiger pelt. The very light brown wool is un-dyed, while the design, that at first looks black, is actually a natural dyed blue / green colour. The wool used for the pile is very fine and handspun, while the big loose knotting is consistent with ‘early’ period Tibetan carpets and was still used by some weavers into the early part of the 1900’s. (A similar designed / shaped carpet – although made earlier and from the Ningxia region of China – can be seen published on page 78, plate 6.12, in the highly recommended book Dragon and Horse by Koos de Jong.) Natural dye used for the design, with wool warp and weft foundation; and while there is some slight pile wear as to be expected through the center of the carpet where the rider sat (see top right image), overall it is in excellent condition. A highly desirable design that is rarely seen in saddle carpets, it would certainly suit a collector. (For more information on saddle carpets from various regions click on “Saddle Carpet Shapes” in the drop-down menu under the heading “About, etc” at the far right of the header bar at the top of this page.)

SIZE: 0.97m x 0.61m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: +/- 26 kpsi

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