TYPE: A Tibetan under-saddle carpet with ‘khotan’ roundel

CIRCA: 1920 / 1920’s

Tibetan under-saddle carpet or ‘makden’ with an uncommon main motif roundel, referred to by some as a Khotan roundel or a ‘Khotan influenced’* roundel (because of its likeness to similar motifs found in carpets from the Khotan oasis in western China). Those two multi-coloured roundels float in a dark blue field with sparse floral arrangements surrounding, while the main border is adorned with auspicious symbols. Only two of the four girth strap holes have been cut open for use and are encased by a protective leather edging, the other two left as woven. It has  cotton warp with a wool weft, and is made of all (or at the least, primarily) natural organic dyes, the natural dyed green pile in the center being quite appealing. Made in the first quarter of the 1900’s it has one well-done reweave (far left, upper border, top image) but overall is in good condition.

*Several saddle carpets with this design, and described as such can be seen on pages 127, 128 and 129 in the excellent reference book on Tibetan carpets entitled Of Wool and Loom by Trinely Chodrak and Kesang Tashi.

SIZE: 120cm x 56cm

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 66 kpsi