TYPE: a Tibetan under saddle carpet with dragons — SOLD

CIRCA: 1930

A large Tibetan under-saddle carpet (makden) featuring a blue scaled, five clawed (Imperial) dragon on either side cavorting in coulourful clouds set on a maroon background, and surrounded by an inner border with the double key meander. The outer border is of the segmented or section type with the flower diamond design interspersed with floral cartouche’s. A very tight weave with rich saturated colours that are a mix of aniline and natural dyes. The center cloth panel, while of later manufacture, features the ‘puluo’ tie-dyed design. In very good condition. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 1.38m x 0.68m

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 90 kpsi