TYPE: A set of  Tibetan under and over-saddle carpets

CIRCA: 1920’s

An intact set of matching designed Tibetan saddle carpets, consisting of both the under-saddle (makden) and over-saddle (masho) carpet. The central motif is the so-called flower diamond design, which when singular could also be seen as a stylised double dorje by some. Mountains and clouds anchor the corners of the center field, which on the under-carpet (makden) is itself uncommonly split between a dark blue and abrashed light blue field. The outer main border consist of flowers interspersed on a saturated red background. All natural dyes throughout. The very outer, narrow red border is corduroy covered felt, a later addition. (Note; although almost all saddle carpets were made as a set, they were / are often split up when sold at source, hence it has become harder to find a complete set in good condition.)

SIZE: 1.27m x 0.60m under-saddle; 0.76m x 0.56m over-saddle

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 40 kpsi

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