TYPE: a Tibetan under-saddle carpet, floral roundel

CIRCA: 1920

A large under-saddle carpet (makden) with the outer edging surrounded with  approximately 5 cm wide strip of felt, covered in materiel. The central design is of flowers enclosed inside a mandala-like edging. An inner border of pearls is enclosed within a T shaped meander border, while the main outer border consists of flowers and various other symbolic motifs. All natural dyes with lovely shades of green and a saturated red. (The photo lower left above shows the cotton warp and wool weft weave inside one of the uncut girth strap locations. These locations were often left bare – pile-less – by the weaver, and then cut and lined as / if desired by the owner.)

SIZE: 1.35m x 0.75m inc. felt edging

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: unknown (backing not removed)