TYPE: Tibetan under-saddle carpet with elaborate mandala motif

CIRCA: 1920

Striking Tibetan makden (‘under-saddle’ carpet) exhibiting a Khotan-like influence with an elaborate mandala motif surrounded by a fine trellis-like circular blue and white ‘necklace’. The main rose coloured outer border consist of alternating floral and double-dorje (thunderbolt) motifs, while the secondary inner border is of small white tigma’s (crosses). The main field on either side consist of a trellised floral arrangement surrounding an elaborate mandala with two pair of luck bringing, mauve coloured, swastika’s and sauwastika’s at its center. Beautiful dyes, the lovely yellow / green center panel being especially attractive, as is the blue ‘necklace’ that encircles the mandala, while the maroon main field is super-saturated. (Note: the narrow darker maroon strip on one edge of the center panel is not a reweave, just a small batch of darker dye.) The rams-horn-like motif either side of the center border strip is basically identical to the similar motifs seen in Khotan carpets, and the ‘outline’ of the mandala itself has comparisons with some Khotan medallions. It was made sometime circa 1920 and has hand spun wool warp and weft and the girth strap holes are edged in leather. Tightly woven, the knot count varies from 84kpsi in the green center  panel to 96kpsi in the maroon main field. A very attractive piece with an unusual and elaborate design layout, it is in very good condition with no repairs or reweaves.

SIZE: 111cm x 61cm

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 84 – 96kpsi