TYPE: Tibetan under-saddle carpet with dragons

CIRCA: 1920’s

Tibetan under-saddle carpet or makden. A single frolicking dragon is enclosed inside a mandala shaped outline on either side with flowers lightly scattered in the main field. The main outer border consist of various floral shapes interspersed with what appear to be some of the Eight Taoist Symbols, while the secondary inner board is of the single T design. The main field is undyed light brown wool while the abrashed green center strip is a lovey rich natural dye. The dyes used elsewhere are a mix of natural and aniline, and it has a cotton warp with wool (and sparingly used hair) weft. The outer red edging is made of felt covered with a red nambu cloth and the carpet is backed overall by a blue cotton cloth (which itself is open at one end). In good condition.

SIZE: 1.09m x 0.63m

WARP: Cotton

WEFT: Wool & Hair

KNOT COUNT: 60kpsi