TYPE: a tibetan khagangma seating carpet

CIRCA: 1920’s

An almost square Khagangma seating carpet, of a design not often seen.  The outermost border is blue covered covered felt, while the main border consist of four cartouche enclosed floral designs, with a corner flower design enclosed in diamond shaped ‘lockets’, with their four points anchored with a cross-like motif mimicking the tigma designed tye-dyed cloth much beloved by Tibetans. Low pile throughout, with all natural dyes and un-dyed wool. (A similar example can be seen published on page 141, plate 112, in the book Tibetan Rugs by Hallvard Kare Kuloy.)

SIZE: 0.91m x 0.83m (inc. outer felt border)

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 44 kpsi

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