TYPE: a single front-facing dragon tibetan khagangma

CIRCA: 1920’s

Tibetan seating carpet depicting a single front-facing five clawed dragon, being unusual in that it shows the dragon in profile, as opposed to ‘side-on’ as is usually the case. The grinning, whimsical looking red scaled dragon is portrayed frolicking in the clouds, his ‘look’ a rascally playful adaptation in what is often the Tibetan manner of depicting some ‘animals’. The dragon is surrounded by a main border consisting of stylised waves, clouds and mountain motifs. It has cotton warp and wool weft and was made sometime in the 1920’s. It has several old repairs, in the center at the very top and very bottom of the respective borders, and at the top of the dragons head. A mix of primarily aniline, and some natural dyes. A very Tibetan ‘styled’ carpet with a roguish benevolent spirit.

SIZE: 0.80m x 0.73m

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 50 kpsi