TYPE: Two-tone floral seating mat / shugden

CIRCA: 1920 / early 1900’s

A reddish-brown coloured seating carpet (or shugden) with yellow floral motifs encased by a simple T border; the entirety of which consists of just the two aforementioned colours. The main field consist of central roundel with an eight petaled flowed tightly encased by vines; along with half and quarter roundels (of the same) ‘attached’ to the border. Elsewhere on the carpet is the same eight petaled flower but with a more spacious array of vines / branches around it. It was made circa 1920 or before, and has wool warp and weft. It is in very good condition with no repairs or reweaves.

SIZE: 91cm x 59cm

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 54kpsi