TYPE: Brown seating carpet with five lotus flowers

CIRCA: 1900 – 1920

A brown based seating carpet, or shugden, depicting five lotus flowers being pollinated by what appears to be two bees – or very small birds – (lower left edge of ‘top’ right lotus, and ‘bottom’ right lotus), while the border is of a repeating ‘S-like’ motif. Dyes appear to be all natural, and it has cotton warp and wool weft and size is 76 x 53cm. As can be seen it is missing part of the ends, one more than the other, while the sides have been over-bound to protect the edges from further fraying. It has been left ‘as collected’ and in that one collectors hands since he bought it from a Tibetan in the early 1970’s in Kathmandu, Nepal, and this is first time on the market since then. All in all it is a tightly woven, well coloured piece, and save for the ends is in good condition, i.e. there are no holes / repairs in body of the carpet.

SIZE: 76cm x 53cm

WARP: Cotton

WEFT: Wool

KNOT COUNT: 77kpsi

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