TYPE: Tibetan Shugden with central mandala – SOLD

CIRCA: 1900 – 1920

Striking Tibetan seating square featuring a mandala like center motif afloat in a brown field sparingly decorated with clouds, with the mountain motif anchoring the four corners. The main outer border is the Running T or Greek T design in blue, and while hard to discern at first it is encased in a rust red field giving it a magical 3D ‘floating’ effect; while the inner border is of pearls. Overall in very good condition with fine glossy wool and all lustrously rich saturated natural dyes. (A very, very, small area of pile deformation in left border directly opposite the upper ‘half blue cloud’ in central square. High res images available.) ALREADY SOLD

SIZE: 0.71m x 0.69m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 29+/- kpsi