TYPE: Tibetan Shugden seven medallion seating carpet

CIRCA: 1920

Very attractive Tibetan blue seating carpet with seven small mandala-like ‘medallions’ floating in the main field, each enclosing an auspicious swastika or sauswastika (i.e. a reverse swastika), with a ‘T’ shaped meander main border. Just two shades of natural blue dye, one light and one very dark – and both coming from the use of indigo – make up the minimalist colour palette of the carpet, with a subtle but noticeable abrash throughout. Very tightly woven (i.e high knot count) with a wool warp and wool weft, made circa 1920, and backed by blue cotton cloth (from a much later date). It is in excellent condition.

SIZE: 0.89m x 0.57m

WARP: wool

WEFT:   wool

KNOT COUNT:  90 kpsi +/-