TYPE: Three mandala roundels on undyed brown wool field

CIRCA: 1900 / early 1900’s

A very subtly coloured khaden featuring three roundel medallions on an undyed light brown main field. Inside each roundel are mandala-like frames that decrease in size towards the center. Surrounding the roundels are sparsely spaced abstract floral displays while in the corners are simple floral displays. The inner secondary border is a simple meander while the outer main border also consist of a simple repeating floral design. There are only two dyes used throughout – both natural – that is a light blue and a dark blue, while both the center field and outer main border (background) are two shades of undyed wool. The warp, weft and pile are made of hand-spun wool, and the back has been lined with a blue cotton cloth. It was made circa the early 1900’s and there are no repairs or reweaves. It is a classic example of an understated Tibetan khaden in excellent condition.

SIZE: 142cm x 68cm

WARP: Wool & Hair

WEFT: Wool

KNOT COUNT: 45kpsi