TYPE: Three mandala medallion Khaden  SOLD

CIRCA: 1900 / early 1900’s

Funky Tibetan khaden with three mandala medallions and an outer three-dimensional ‘T’ border, while the inner border is decorated using the tigma (crosses) design. Loose floppy village weave made in the very early 1900’s (or possibly before?) using natural dyes and hand spun wool warp and weft, and backed and border-overlapped with blue cotton cloth (at a later date, probably because the original loose blue fringe that once surrounded it had worn away). Extensive abash in parts and a captivating asymmetrical juxtaposition of the primary field colours (i.e. blue dyed wool and natural brown wool). Note also how the center of each flower in the three mandala’s are all differently coloured. It is a very charismatic solid old carpet with no repairs or reweaves. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 141cm x 79cm

WARP: Wool (handspun)

WEFT: Wool (handspun)

KNOT COUNT: N/A (back covered)

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