TYPE: khaden with three archaic mandalas and ‘frog-foot’ field  SOLD

CIRCA: mid 1800’s

Old and very attractive Tibetan khaden from the mid 1800’s / 19th century (or before?) with a lovely abrash throughout the blue coloured centre field and a unique juxtaposition of colours in the three medallions. The main outer border is of the running yungdrung (swastika) design, while the inner border is or pearls. The main field has three medallions, whose designs are both interesting and colour contrasting and show a great sense of artistry by the weaver. That is, the outer fret work of the two end medallions is pink in colour, while at their centre is a red yungdrung (swastika) encompassed by a green ‘endless knot’; whereas the centre medallion has red outer fret work overlaid on a green background and at the centre is a blue yundrung surrounded by a green endless knot. So, besides the natural white / ivory coloured wool there are six colours, all naturally dyed (three shades of blue – dark, medium and light – red, pink & green), the mellow pink being especially pleasing while the red is beautifully supersaturated. The main field is then scattered artistically throughout with the ‘belak’ design (or so-called ‘frogs foot’) in natural white wool while each corner of the centre field has red geometric fretwork encompassing a single blue yundrung into its design. It has a low knot count of only 22kpsi (approx 341 psdm), has hand spun wool warp and weft and all natural dyes with the size being 1.65m x 0.77m (approx. 65in x 30.3in) with the length measured to end of fringes. It has been in the one collectors hands since being bought from a Tibetan refugee in Nepal in the early 70’s, so this is the first time for sale on the ‘western’ market in fifty years. It is in very good condition for its age (two very very small very old replies – six knots – and one selvage a little ‘loose’) and of an early type and design not often seen on the market. Hence it would be a perfect acquisition to the serious collector or astute investor. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE:  1.65m x 0.77m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 22kpsi