TYPE: Tibetan twin lotus flowers with bats design — sold

CIRCA: 1920

A beautiful floral khaden (bed size rug) featuring two lotus’s – each growing out of Mount Meru, the mythical sacred mountain in Buddhist cosmology – with a bat ‘anchoring’ each of the four corners, and a background of undyed light brown wool with the natural dyes of the design super saturated, the green especially so. While at first glance the design of either half of the carpet seems to just ‘mirror’ the other as it were, on close inspection one will notice many variations in both spacing and the drawing of the design itself, accentuating the individualistic folk art nature of many ‘one-off’ Tibetan rugs. Even the bats – generally thought to signify happiness, or certainly so in Chinese mythology – have been drawn differently at opposing ends. The back of the carpet is covered in a heavy blue cotton lining – typical of many Tibetan rugs – hence no photos of the knotting are available, but from looking into the pile one can see that the warp and weft are both made of fine wool, as is the pile. An elegantly designed and visually appealing carpet with rich and pleasing colours in excellent condition. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 1.60m x 0.82m

WARP: Wool

WEFT: Wool