TYPE: A Tibetan three medallion carpet

CIRCA: early 1900’s

A striking khaden featuring three gawu-box (or amulet) sided medallions that encase a five blossom floral display, the center one being of different colours to the other two. In the surrounding center-field cloud-heads protrude from the side borders while floral motifs of various colours, abstracted into four lobbed squares, along with a sprinkling of tigma (crosses), float on the black background. Two simple flower heads in between the medallions, and a small abstract floral display in the four corners anchor what is a very well balanced design. An inner secondary border of tigma’s and an outer three-dimensional T meander main border frame the carpet. The dyes are natural, and the warp and weft and pile are of hand-spun wool. It is from the 1920’s with no repairs or reweaves and is in excellent condition.

SIZE: 1.60m x 0.84m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 34kpsi