TYPE: A Tibetan three medallion carpet

CIRCA: 1900 – early 1900’s

A delightful khaden featuring three colourful mandala-like medallions surrounded by clouds and floating on a black center-field. The central mandala is more elaborate than the other two, but all three have what could be construed as a stylised double-dorje at their center. It has several borders encasing the main field, the innermost two are narrow ‘guard’ strips, then a secondary border that displays pearls and an outer main border that is a T meander with flower heads inter-spaced throughout, and then finally another slightly wider black guard strip as the outer. The outer red border is not pile but nambu cloth covered felt that is typically found on many Tibetan carpets. It has a low knot count and fairly widely spaced rows of knotting that is common in carpets from this era. The dyes are seemingly all, or at the least predominately natural, and the warp and weft and pile are of hand-spun wool. It has some pile wear commensurate with age as it is from the very early 1900’s, but there are no repairs and is overall in good condition.

SIZE: 1.43m x 0.82m (inc. red ‘felt’ border)

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 18kpsi

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