TYPE: A Bhutanese Charkhab / Charkep

CIRCA: 1950 (or before)

A Bhutanese twill woven charkhab (charkep) – which literally means ‘rain covering’ – consisting of three individual panels hand sewn together to make the final piece. The tightness of the weave makes it particularly effective in keeping one both dry and warm (in cold weather). The dominate motif in the center panel has been suggested to indicate that it was made for a prominent person. This type of piece originated in the Bumthang region of central Bhutan. A mix of aniline and natural dyes. In very good condition save for some wear in the left hand panel opposite the central motif. [For a similar published example see plate 46, page 52 in the book Thunder Dragon Textiles From Bhutan by Mark Bartholomew.]

SIZE: approx. 1.35m x 1.25m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool