TYPE: a baotou-suiyuan dias cover carpet

CIRCA: 1920’s

A pictorial carpet with a real sense of simplicity and harmony from the Baotou-Suiyuan region of China that, given its dimensions, was probably used for, or intended for, a raised dias cover. It depicts two deer against a backdrop of mountains being overflown by an auspicious red crowned crane, which is venerated by the Chinese, as the red crowned crane in Taoism (an ancient philosophy-come-religion in China) is associated with immortality and longevity and is often featured in legend and myths. The outer main border features a very well executed alternating swastika / sauwastika (or reverse swastika) design. Its simplicity and harmony is derived from a minimal use of colours, primarily a range of un-dyed brown wool – from light mocha through to dark brown – and off-white, with some of the off-white wool having been dyed mauve. (Over time the mauve has faded on the face of the carpet, as it was obviously not a light-fast dye, although this does not distract from the design impact.) Of interest also is the use of undyed brown wool for the weft, as usually carpets from this region have a white cotton weft. There is a small old repair in the lower left corner, but overall it is in very good condition. A beautiful decorative piece with a very pleasant colour tone.

SIZE: 1.68m x 1.63m

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 25 kpsi