TYPE: A baotou-suiyuan floral carpet

CIRCA: 1930

An unusual floral piece, from the Baotou-Suiyuan region of China, in that as opposed to the usual predominately blue colour, it has a central un-dyed brown camel hair field, which the floral emblems and central medallion appear to float in. The outer main border consists of interlinked ‘running’ swastikas, the design of which has been handled very well as can be seen by how the corners all link up perfectly. An inner secondary border features a leaning ‘key meander’. Natural dyes, the blue of which has migrated ever so slightly in parts, but not so much as to be a detriment to the design. Other than benefiting from being professionally washed/cleaned, it is in very good condition.

SIZE: 1.33m x 0.67m

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: Approx. 45 kpsi

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